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The boys at ABM present what is possibly the most complete game dedicated to autodefinidos (Self-contained crossword puzzles [autodefinidos] are a variation of crossword puzzles, but the definitions for the words are found in the puzzle itself, within the squares).

The game allows you to solve autodefinidos made by other players and receive a score so you can enter the official rankings of its website. You will find multiple categories, online rankings on the, site: https://www.quiztotal.com, special wildcards by game type, and the ability to download those that others have created, including yourself.

If you like these kinds of games, then this the app for you.

This version is in its pre-official phase, although it works properly. The program is completely free.

- QUIZNELAS: This is a new type of game that has been created. By default we have included 10 games of its type, and a section to create your own QUIZNELAS has also been included. It is a type of quiz consisting of 6-10 questions with images, each with three possible answers. It's not so bad, so send some games over, friends!

- Bus Installation resolved for Windows 98.<li>Updated and enhanced help

- New graphics: registration screen, menu icons, and new information rollover box (similar to Winamp)

- Music selection: You can choose from two complete songs from the band GOODYES, or you can select any multimedia file from your PC. Note: By default, background music is deactivated. To activate it, access the configuration menu.

- Higher rankings: Now the appropriately selected boxes (in Crucis, Crucis Blancos, and Cruzadas) are 15 points/square rather than 10.<li>Other bugs resolved.

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